Sunday, September 19, 2010

Intel following IBM's example with chip unlocking fees

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Picture this scenario:  you buy a computer, then find out that your CPU has  functional cache and cores which for some reason you cannot use.  Then Intel  says that for $50, they will give you a program that allows you to use those  extra features: your-cpu-can-already-d/  Yes, the sort of practices IBM engages in with their mainframe computers are  now coming to a desktop near you.  Intel is experimenting with this new  revenue stream for "low end" desktop processors.  It is possible that we will  see a reduction in the price of CPUs, but I would not bet on it.  This is, of course, a free software issue:  the likelihood that the unlocking  software will be libre is nil, since that would defeat the entire point of  this arrangement.  This is also a DMCA issue:  some hacker will probably  figure out how to unlock these CPUs without paying Intel, but it is likely  that it would be illegal to distribute such a hack here in the USA.  This would be a good time to make people aware of this practice, before they  receive Intel's marketing hype about it (Intel's marketing on this is pretty  slick, and they are clearly playing on ignorance -- so the best way to fight  back is to educate people, so they will not be ignorant).  If you are  interested in seeing their marketing hype, check this out:  -- Ben    --  Message sent on: Sun Sep 19 10:01:29 EDT 2010  

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