Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lies Travel Faster Than Truth!

The statement "Jane Fonda is a Traitor" is a lie!

Roy Frost

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Everything is personal, every blessed thing."

"Everything is personal, every blessed thing."
The sunset.  The sunrise.  The robin's song in spring.
Everything is personal, as I wend my weary way
Through a lonely nighttime vigil, into the break of day.

Everything is personal, sent from God above;
His grace, and all His blessings, especially His love.
He finds me irresistible.  I can't imagine why;
For me, He sends the rainbow to paint the azure sky.

For me, He dots the darkened sky, with tiny, twinkling light.
For me, He sets my soul on fire, long into the night.
To Him I turn my weary soul, when all my hopes are gone,
Then once again He proves to me, He's loved me all along.

I can't explain this personal friendship that I feel.
I only know within my heart that He is very real.
Trees and flowers, birds and bees are personal, you see;
Because I'm certain that my God created them for me!

Friday, January 23, 2009 use caution

Howdy, is a very aggressive program and will send out an invitation to everyone in your address book......

I would suggest if you get an eMail from just delete it as the originator knew nothing about the email in the first place.

So far GoogleGroups has blocked about 12 attempts, but some did get through........

Roy Frost Lot 60

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