Friday, February 12, 2010


I got a call from a private client of mine yesterday.

What happened is while browsing the Internet a new window opened in the
browser and it appeared that a virus scan was running. There was a
warning to download Internet Security 2010, to get rid of viruses found
on the PC.

If this person had agreed to buy this program a series of charges would
have appeared on the credit card that was used. One person that I know
had to cancel the credit card when multiple charges began appearing.

What happened is that this person downloaded the Internet Security 2010
program, and now it is seemingly impossible to remove it. This type of
virus (yes it is a virus) sets itself up on your PC to make it V E R Y
difficult to remove.

I will be able to get rid of it with perhaps close to an hour or work.
It is not simple to remove, and cannot just be uininstalled.

Here is a rule about scareware, that appears to be a virus warning or a
virus scan-- It is impossible for any antivirus program to run inside
of a browser window. If something that purports to be an antivirus scan
appears to be running FROM THE INTERNET, as opposed to from a program on
your PC, it is scareware. If it is a popup window that won't close,
right-click it and choose close. That should get rid of it. Never
download anything that is trying to warn you- it has to be a scam.

I believe this topic was covered in a meeting a few months ago, but
perhaps it could be covered again. Just another suggestion of something
to talk about this week.

Dale from PC Users Group at the Waccamaw College

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